Holistic Physiotherapy & Wellness

Holistic Physiotherapy & Wellness is an integrative healthcare clinic that believes in community, empowerment and collaboration. We believe in supporting our patients to live their best version of themselves and to thrive in life.

Our team is passionate in utilizing their knowledge and tools to help with chronic and persistent pain conditions, pelvic pain conditions, chronic fatigue, chronic stress and HPA axis/adrenal burnout. We are also known for fertility, prenatal, labor & delivery prep, and postpartum support.

We work on lifestyle medicine, sleep management, nutrition, everyday healthy movement, and emotional & mental well-being by focusing on the thorough understanding of the whole person.

No matter what kind of help you may be looking for, we work with our clients to find the root cause of their symptoms and pain to find solutions with longevity.

We support women and their families to make significant changes and improvements in their health and wellness journey.

Our Integrated health team housed under one clinic allows us to give our clients the exact type of care they need. We're able to increase collaboration across a range of professionals from sub-industries and leverage integrative healthcare for the betterment of our client's health.

We value having our patients be the centre of their recovery journeys and have a strong focus on family health to encompass every member of the family.

Above all, we create a safe space and community for our clients to be empowered and encouraged to take control of their healthcare journeys.

"We believe that we can make significant changes in healthcare together when we support each other, focus on the circle of care, and when we rise together. By focusing on the whole person and creating individualized treatment plans, it allows for the most personalized, meaningful approach to therapy, rehabilitation, and wellness."– Your team at Holistic

Our Services:
Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy
PhysioYoga + Lifestyle Medicine
Massage Therapy
Prenatal Yoga
Postpartum Rehabilitation
Trigger Point Dry Needling
Functional Nutrition

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