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We know you want the best for your child. That’s why the gift of education is one of the greatest investments you can make. As the exclusive distributor of Canadian Scholarship Trust Plans, we have an excellent understanding of RESPs. In fact, we focus solely on education savings—it’s the conduit through which we help make higher learning financially possible for all Canadian children.

The Canadian Scholarship Trust Plans are provided by The Canadian Scholarship Trust Foundation (the Foundation) and distributed by C.S.T. Consultants Inc. The Foundation is a not-for-profit foundation founded in 1960 that started as a grassroots organization dedicated to helping Canadian families save for their children's post-secondary education.

C.S.T. Consultants Inc. exclusively manages, distributes and administers the plans. We operate in every province and territory in Canada through a sales force of over 450 sales representatives. We make education savings easy to understand while delivering low risk, hassle-free RESP solutions that give you peace of mind.

The Foundation's mission:

To advocate, develop, deliver and support solutions that will enable every Canadian resident to have sufficient financial resources to pursue post-secondary education

  • The Foundation is one of Canada’s most experienced providers of group Registered Education Savings Plans (RESPs) and has been offering education savings plans since 1960.
  • 254,000+ Canadian families invest with us 1
  • 537,000+ active plans 1
  • Over $4.7 billion in assets 2 and have paid out over $4.4 billion 1 to Canadian families
1 - Canadian Scholarship Trust Foundation, 2017.
2 - 2017 Canadian Scholarship Trust Plans Audited Financial Statements.
™ The Canadian Scholarship Trust Plan is a registered trademark of the Canadian Scholarship Trust Foundation.
Canadian Scholarship Trust Plan is only sold by Prospectus. Investors should read the Prospectus before making an investment decision because it includes important detailed information. You can get copies of the Prospectus from or by calling 1.877.333.RESP(7377).

K & K Swim School

K&K Swim School started in the Fall of 2014 with a philosophy of teaching beginners to learn how to swim as effectively and safely as possible.

Offering high-caliber private swimming lessons and parent and tot lesson, allows all of our swimmers to flourish in the water, promoting health and fitness at all ages, levels, and abilities.

Our focus is to prevent drowning by promoting an absolute love for the water. While following the simple steps of learning how to swim we are growing our swimmers with strength, stamina, independence, confidence and above all, respect for the water.

Blue Sky

Blue Sky Solar Inc. is one of the fastest growing solar companies in Canada. Not only do we install solar panels, but we provide every household and business the information they need to take the next step into the future. By providing best in class client services for both residential and commercial areas, we ensure that the client is supported at every step. Headquartered in Ontario, Canada, we currently have offices in Alberta, Manitoba, India, and Germany and are proud to announce that we are expanding our operations to Saskatchewan.

Installing a Solar energy system allows clients to have full control over their energy expenditure. By immediately saving 80-100% on power bills, it is the best way to combat the 5-7% yearly increase in the cost of electricity. In addition to up to $20,000 in government incentives until November 30th, 2018, and the increased value Solar adds to your property. Can you afford not to go solar?

Our mission is to provide the best in class energy transition from rays of sun to electricity for our clients. Solar energy is a forever renewable, sustainable, and overly abundant source of energy that exposes the earths surface to 120,000 terawatts of solar radiation. This is 20,000 times more power than is needed to supply the entire world with power.

"Save the World in a profitable way" sums up how the world and technology is evolving so homes and business must evolve as well. Apart from solar panels, we also install solar tiles and other cutting-edge equipment that will leave you running a flawless solar system. The Solar Energy revolution is taking Canada by storm as it rightly should. It is a free renewable energy source that everyone should be taking advantage of.

We are proud to have the best customer reviews on Google and Facebook for our all our products including the customized products we have for residential, commercial, and utility scale Solar PV systems. With hundreds of highly skilled staff and over 500 years of combined project development experience, Blue Sky Solar is leading the pack.

Our Premier Sponsors

Mommy Connections

Mommy Connections brings moms like you the best of what your community has to offer. We provide a variety of educational and... information programs to help you connect with your community and other moms through a unique and engaging platform. Mom to Be, Mom and Baby, Mom and Tot, Mom and Tyke, Infant and Child Emergency Care and so much more!

Movies for Mommies

Movies for Mommies is a Baby Friendly environment for parents (Moms and Dads) to enjoy a movie with their baby without worrying about disrupting others as everyone there is with a baby. Rainbow Cinemas - Thursdays 1:00 PM. Date Night - Second Monday of Each Month ~ 7pm. Family Friendly Screenings: Last Sunday of Each Month at 11 am. Sensory Friendly Screenings: Last Monday of Each Month at 1 pm.

Out Grow Out Play

Saskatoon's Largest Baby + Kids Sale is back for another MEGA sales event September 23-24 We are excited to be bringing to you our 13th semi-annual sale! Prairieland Park Hall E Consignors earn 65-80%, Easy online sign up, Shop before the public, cheque within 5 days. Saskatoon OutGROW OutPLAY is the MEGA Baby + Kid's ReSale event of the year! Shop tens of thousands of brand-name like-new + new childrens items...all organized + categorized at way below retail :-)

Serendipity Doll Fashions

Serendipity is the effect by which one accidentally stumbles upon something truly wonderful, especially while looking for something entirely unrelated. We are three retired ladies who love to sew, and our combined sewing experience is over 150 years! We love to create clothes for the dolls from RECYCLED CLOTHING. Not just any recycled clothing, but things which are up to date and current. The fun is taking a readymade garment and refashioning it into clothing for the dolls. Of course, we do buy fabric, too! We started out with three dolls….now we have many! That way, we know that our clothes will fit most 18” dolls. Come see our selection of clothes from underwear to'll want your doll to look her fashionable best with well-made clothes at reasonable prices!

Bradley Method

This prenatal class is perfect for the first time pregnancy, or those who felt they didn't have a positive birth experience the first time. It is also the best class for Coaches, as it focuses on how they can be present and what their role is in pregnancy and birth. Topics discussed in class include: Nutrition, Exercise, Pregnancy, Labour Stages, Relaxation Techniques, The Coach’s Role, Complications, Birth Plans, Newborn Procedures, Breastfeeding, Newborn Care and Your New Family.

Class Features:

  • 10 Week Course
  • Husband & Wife Instructions
  • Inclusive Environment
  • Group Discussion
  • Guest Speakers
  • Labour Rehearsals
  • Realistic Teaching Models
  • Interactive Activities & Videos
  • Meet Like-Minded People

Clip 'n Climb

Clip 'n Climb Saskatoon is an exciting new business opening its door this spring. We are locally-owned, but part of the Clip 'n Climb International family, renowned worldwide for its innovative designs and impeccable safety record. This world-class attraction mixes funky climbing walls with obstacle course-type elements. The best part - no previous experience or training is necessary. You will find your fit, whether you are a seasoned athlete or a veteran couch dweller. Try us out for a family outing, date night, evening out with friends, birthday party or team building event. Healthy challenging fun for everyone is guaranteed!

We Move

Join our team of Personal Trainers, Physiotherapists, Nurses, Educated Professionals in Dance, Music, and Fitness as we move you safely through each class. We will aid you with your fitness goals, big or small, while you join our fitness community. We have fun playing instruments, moving, dancing, singing, and so much more in our wide variety of pre & postnatal and kids programs. Young or old we have a class for you! We offer classes to students of every age, body type, gender, and fitness level. Adult Fitness Classes: • Acro Yoga • Conditioning Classes • Zumba®, Zumba® Gold & Zumba® Toning • TRX® • Kettle Bell • PiYo® Live • POUND® Rock out work out • Yoga All Levels • Restorative Yoga • Stretch

Pre & Postnatal Fitness classes: • Move With Me - Cardio Dance with Babies in carriers • Work Out with ME - Postnatal Fitness training • Stretch with ME - Postnatal • Yoga with ME- Postnatal Yoga • Prenatal Yoga • Work Out with ME - Prenatal Fitness training

Kids Classes: • Ballet & Jazz Combo classes- 3/4, 5/6, 7-10, 11-14 • Hip-hop- 5-7, 8-10, and 11-14 • Kids Acro- 5-8, 9-12, Teens • Acro Yoga- Teen • Toddler & Kinder Acrodance

Music Together®: • Music Together® - Ages 0-7 • Music Together® Generations

Raising a Little

Raising a Little is Saskatoon's baby carrier store with more. Owned and operated by Lindsay Sanderson. Lindsay is a mom and a babywearing educator. She prides herself on providing one on one help to all parents and caregivers. She wants to make sure you find the right fit for you. Raising a Little stocks all the top brands of baby carriers including Tula, Chimparoo, Isara, Huggaloops and Chimparoo. Along with baby carrier Raising a Little carries a curated selection of baby care products, natural health supports and quality toys. Raising a Little also carries the famous Zipadee Zip Sleep sack. This unique sleep sack is designed to be safe for rolling babies, while still giving them the snuggle they need to relax for a great nights sleep. Shop online or in person.

Studio 23

Studio23 is a bright new music studio in Saskatoon offering exciting classes for everyone from newborn to senior! All of our classes aim to build students’ confidence in a relaxed, positive atmosphere. Research is clear - music has the ability affect kids’ mental health in amazing ways. At studio23 we ensure music does just that, by working at the pace of each child. Our popular Mini’s Music class uses songs to foster speech development and basic music concepts in a fun, stimulating atmosphere for children as young as 0. Next we offer MYC classes for children ages 2 and up. This incredible music program has been around for over 30 years and just keeps getting better! As a student of the program myself years ago, I can testify to the amazing jumpstart it gave my education. Our modern studio space features 5 beautiful pianos, an impressive collection of rhythm instruments, an electric fireplace for chilly evenings, and a welcoming waiting area with never-ending coffee. Come by and see studio23. We’ll find the perfect class for you!


Research shows that kids who play multiple sports through childhood stay active longer and are more likely to succeed in competitive sport. At Sportball, Multi-Sport classes provide an amazing foundation for a lifetime of active living. Sportball kids are kept moving and engaged and learn a new skill from a different sport after each class. Bundled into one registration, we teach 9 sports - soccer, baseball, basketball, football, hockey, volleyball, golf, lacrosse and tennis! Multi-sport is a perfect program to introduce your child to a variety of Sports, specialization can happen in later years – there’s plenty of time.


doTERRA is one of the leading essential oil companies in the world. When you choose doTERRA, you are choosing oils that are gently and carefully distilled from plants that have been harvested at the optimal moment by experienced growers. doTERRA partners with growers in countries to which the plants are indigenous, therefore the oils have the most powerful healing benefits. Each doTERRA essential oil goes through rigorous third party testing using the strict Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® (CPTG) quality protocol, so you can be sure you are getting the purest essential oil on the market. In addition to single oils and oil blends, doTERRA also has home and personal wellness products that are effective, and safe for you, your family, and the environment.

A Touch of Glitter

We are a mother and daughter duo that do temporary glitter tattoos. We have over 250 different stencils and 60 different glitter colours. A tattoo can last up to 7 days, but can easily be removed if needed. Kids and adults enjoy picking their own stencils, and glitter colours. We do birthday parties, corporate events, baby showers, trade shows and more.

Little Hands and Me

Imagine communicating with your baby at 6 months of age. Feel the excitement and energy of learning Latin dance with your baby and toddler. Relieve stress and anxiety with learning alternative Positive Discipline tools. Enjoy the closeness of your child as you learn to babywear. Feel connected to your family and community by joining our award winning and internationally recognized programs. Join a Together Strong Community, and participate in a wide variety of mommy/daddy and me and parenting programs with Little Hands and Me Parenting Network.

Learn and Play Cafe

Learn & Play Café is a safe, fun, and creative environment where kids learn through exploratory guided play. We offer programming such as story time, crafts, singing, and more. While the kids explore their adults can connect, relax, and enjoy high-quality coffee and tasty, affordable food.

Okami Martial Arts

Learn Self Defense, build confidence, get fit and most of all have fun!! Kickboxing, Shotokan Karate and Sambo are under the instruction of World Champions Renshi Kelly Greenwood & Sensei Crystal Greenwood. We offer a fun, family friendly environment to discover the world of martial arts. Whether you are wanting a high impact cardio workout, wanting to learn to defend yourself or looking to compete, we can help you there! Kids Classes Available as Well! Ages 2 - 11. Your children will learn Karate as well as building their confidence, discipline, and knowledge of self defense situations. Structured and most of all FUN!!!

Epic Dance Complex

Epic Dance Complex offers dance classes for ages 18 month and up. Epic DanceComplex aims to help our students become the best dancers and people they can be. With a unique teaching philosophy that incorporates life skills including listening and following instruction, taking turns, engaging socially, learning about how muscles work, musical rhythms and beats and math and literacy skills giving students skills to take to their school and home lives. Students will also engage in free movement dance activities so they can explore their own creativity and joy of dance!

Plant Life

At Plant Life we offer unlimited opportunities for you to express yourself and your style when creating your terrarium. We provide you with endless possibilities to mix and match colors and textures so you can create a “small world” unique to you – whether it be bold, elegant, earthy, funky, classic, or quirky! Whatever your heart desires. Terrarium-making is an easy and fun activity that the whole family can participate in! Our workshops are suitable for ages 3+. We also offer mobile workshops where we come to you for events such as birthday parties, school events, team parties and more! Come play in the dirt with us at the Saskatoon Family Expo! We will be holding an all-day terrarium workshop where our encouraging instructors will guide you through the process of building a terrarium in a relaxed and positive environment. For $25 we will supply you with a succulent, glass bowl, and a variety of decorations and embellishments for you to enhance your terrarium with. 15% of the proceeds will be donated to the organization called Mothers Empowering Mothers.

Exhibitor List (October 2018)

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