TimberNook Saskatoon

TimberNook Saskatoon is all about igniting a new mentality about outdoor play for children on the prairies.  Outdoor play allows for natural opportunities for exercise, social skill development, creativity, stress reduction, and sensory integration.  TimberNook Saskatoon is owned and operated by two local sisters.  Crystal Itterman is a pediatric occupational therapist and Shelley Bettker is an educator.  Together they have a wealth of knowledge and experience working with children.  TimberNook is an international organization that comes with curriculum created by a team of professionals.  An example experience for young children is listening to the story, The Three Little Pigs and then reenacting the tale by building life-sized houses of hay, bricks, and sticks outside. Older children may create a giant marble run throughout the woods or create mazes for colored ice to go through in colder weather. All experiences are chosen based for their role in enhancing development, while inspiring higher levels of play.  TimberNook Saskatoon offers a range of programming options from drop off day camps to caregiver and child sessions.  Our location is just 15 min east of Saskatoon.  The rolling prairies hills and forest are the backdrop for our grand play experiences.  For more information please visit us at www.timbernook.com/provider/timbernook-saskatoon/ or follow us on social media at TimberNook Saskatoon.

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