Museum of Antiquities

The Museum of Antiquities is a gallery of original and replica artifacts from the ancient and medieval worlds. This includes the Ancient Near East, Greece, Rome, and Europe over a period of about three thousand years. Every summer we run our Ancient & Medieval Adventures day camps, which are designed for kids ages 6-12. These camps deal with such themes as history, archaeology, and mythology in the ancient and medieval worlds. We also provide opportunities for teenagers ages 13-18 who are looking for some volunteer experience during the summer months.

Due to positive feedback and high demand, we have been able to expand the camps in recent years to provide even more fun and educational programming for kids and families in the Saskatoon area! Our staff and volunteers have been working hard all winter to plan an exciting summer for your littles. Our early-bird registration period runs from March 1-20, so don't miss out on your chance to sign your kids up for a fun week of crafts, games, and a little bit of learning !

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